Knee & Shoulder Surgeon - Orthopedic Specialist
Knee & Shoulder Surgeon - Dr. Amyn Rajani
M.S Orth (Gold Medallist), D-Orth, MBBS
Knee and Shoulder Surgeon
( Arthroscopy & Joint Reconstruction )
Orthopaedic Arthroscopy Knee & Shoulder Clinic (OAKS)

During the Surgery

operation theatreDr. Amyn Rajani prefers to operate early in the morning, hence you will be wheeled in to operation theatre at about 7.45am.

The anaesthetist will evaluate you and make you comfortable. After which fluid drips will be started.
anaesthesia » Anaesthesia:
We use a combination of Block and General Anesthesia. Our expert anaesthetist for post-operative pain relief gives the shoulder block.

If the patient is not fit for general anaesthesia, the entire surgery is performed under the
block and sedation.

» Position of the Patient:

The patient is given a beach chair position to decrease the blood loss and the arm is kept free.
Position Shoulder Joint Replacement
Position Shoulder Joint Replacement
Position Shoulder Joint Replacement
» Surgeons Preparation:

Before beginning to scrub the surgeon wears the body exhaust mechanism attached to a battery. This system is then covered with water impermeable hoods, so that no part of the surgeon's body is exposed. This is an international protocol followed by all joint replacement surgeons.

After thorough scrubbing the surgeon is helped by the staff nurse to wear the hood gown and gloves. It is mandatory for all the assistants to wear the body exhaust mechanism or space suits and water impermeable gowns.

surgery technician
total joint replacement hood

» Surgery:

During Surgery the standard Delto-pectoral approach is used to expose the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is dislocated keeping the soft tissues intact and the humeral head is excised at the desired level.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery
This will help to expose the Glenoid. 
The glenoid is then Prepared
Shoulder Replacement Surgery
After Glenoid preparation,
Humerus is prepared for the trial insertion.