Dr. Amyn Rajani - Knee Surgeon and Shoulder Surgeon
Dr. Amyn Rajani - Knee Surgeon and Shoulder Surgeon
M.S Orth (Gold Medallist), D-Orth, MBBS
Knee and Shoulder Surgeon
(Arthroscopy & Joint Reconstruction)
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Revision Total Knee Replacement

Revision Total Knee Replacement means replacement of a joint which has already been replaced once before. There could be various causes for revision of the primary total knee replacement, but the most common cause is wear and tear of the earlier implant.

Revision Total Knee Replacement can be done by conventional method which has been performed for the last 20 yrs or by newer techniques like computer navigated surgery which has been there since last 5 yrs.

Revision Total Knee Replacement is usually done for single knee at one time. Care is taken that while removing primary implant, swabs are taken for culture to rule out infection. Also removing the primary implant may be difficult and could give rise to an iatrogenic fracture.

With more and more joints being replaced in today’s time, the next decade will have a lot of revision surgeries.

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