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Pre-requisites to get an HTO doneIn the normal knee, loads that are 2-4 times body weight are imposed on the tibiofemoral joint. 60% of the load passes through the medial compartment. In a uni-compartmental OA, the altered limb alignment causes the load to be distributed more on the affected compartment, which may accelerate degenerative process and cause pain; Osteotomy redistributes the loads to the uninvolved compartment.

Any person below 60yrs of age having unicompartmental (medial or latertal compartment) osteoarthritis of the knee, is well suited for this procedure.

» Pre-requisites to get an HTO done :
  1. Physiological age below 60yrs.
  2. Physically active in a demanding proffesion eg: athelete, gardener (need to kneel).
  3. Less than 15 degrees of fixed varus or 12 degrees of fixed valgus deformity.
  4. Patient should have minimum of 90 degree of flexion.

» Results :
The success rates at 10yrs following osteotomy are produced when there have been an overcorrection of the varus deformity by 3 to 10 degrees. Progressive osteoarthritis seems to be the reason for the deterioration of functional outcomes.

» Factors associated with late failures of high tibial osteotomy :
Older age at the time of the surgery
* Obesity
* Less constitutional preopera-tive tibial varus (<5°)
* Advanced femorotibial osteoarthritis of the medial compartment with more than 50% reduction in the jointspace - severe limitation of motion before surgery.

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