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Fabella Syndrome

fabella bone in knee» Introduction :
It is a condition in which there is a sessamoid bone in the lateral gastrocnemius. It is located behind the lateral (outer) femoral condyle. It is a normal variant in 10-20% people without any symptoms.

» Pathophysiology :
Continous rubbing of the sessamoid bone over the lateral femoral condyle can cause pain. This is called as the fabella syndrome.

» Clinical Features :
Pain and tenderness over posterior aspect of knee, best examined when the leg is straight.

fabella on mri» Investigations :
Xray, MRI

» Conservative Management
  1. Rest
  2. Ice
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications
  4. Heel lifts (shorten gastrocnemius)

» Surgical Management
Is indicated only when the conservative therapy as failed after a 6 month trial. In this case a surgical excision is done to relieve the symptoms.

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