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Knee Orthotics

compression bandage over knee» Compression bandage over knee :
This is used to apply compression on the knee so as to decrease the swelling. This is applied after all knee surgeries by most knee surgeons. The ideal way of applying a compression bandage is by making a figure of eight (8) around the knee.

» Knee Cap :
knee cap for knee painThis is very commonly used by patients with knee symptoms. It does not support the knee mechanically but it helps the patient to be conscious of the fact that his / her knees are not in a good condition and to take care of it whilst performing any activities.

Ideally heat application should be done 10-15 minutes before starting knee physiotherapy and ice application should be done for 10-15 minutes after physiotherapy.

hinged knee brace
Hinged Knee Brace :
This is usually helpful for side to side (outer and inner) stability of the knee joint. it is prescribed in injuries to collateral ligaments.It is also prescribed as a conservative management to treat arthritis of the knee joint.
long knee brace
Long Knee Brace :
This is usually used in cruciate ligaments injuries before as well as after surgery.
push knee brace
Push Knee Brace :
This is used in patients with flexion deformity and synovitis.

Walker :
This is usually used for a few days after total knee replacement and cruciate ligament reconstructions. It is also used in patients in whom weight bearing is restricted. It helps in supporting the patient to walk immediately after surgery.
tripod stick
Tripod Stick :
This is usually held on the side of the more painful knee. it is usually adjustable in height and should be used in a manner so that the elbow is flexed around 70 degrees when the stick is held. It is more stable than a single stick.

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