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During the Surgery (Osteotomy)

» In the Operation Theatre Complex :
zones of operation theatreDr. Amyn Rajani prefers to operate early in the morning and hence the patient will be wheeled in to the operation theatre at about 7.45am

The anaesthetist will evaluate the patient and make him/her comfortable. After which the fuild drips will be started,

» During Anaesthesia :
We use a combination of spinal and epidural anaesthesia for high tibial osteotomy. The patient sits with his/her back facing the anaestheitst so that the back can be cleaned and draped before injecting the anesthetic.

Our team of anaesthetists are very well trained and hence when the spinal and epidural injections are given in the back, othe patient may feel minimum or no pain at all. The epidural catheter is left in the epidural space and is connected to a pump externally, which gives pain medications at regular intervals. The catheter is normally removed after 48 hrs.

As soon as spinal anaesthesia is given the patient's limbs become numb and the patient is made to lie down.

during osteotomy during osteotomy during osteotomy
» Catheterisation :
Urinary catheterisation is done to monitor the urinary ouput during as well as after the surgery. The catheter is removed at 48hrs after the surgery

» Preparation of the limb before the surgery :
Inflatable cuffs attached to electronic tourniqet machines are applied to the thigh as they prevent intra-operative bleeding by increasing the pressure. Limbs are then scrubbed thouroghly by an assistant surgeon to prepare it for painting and drapping.

The donar site for the bone graft (usually it is the same side iliac crest) is scrubbed and prepared as well.
limb scrubbing limb before surgery
Limb scrubbing
donor site for bone graft
donor site for bone graft
» Surgeons Preperation :
After giving the position, the surgeon scrubs up before wearing sterile gloves and gown.
surgeons prepare for surgery

» Painting and Drapping :
The knee is painted and draped in sterile fashion so as to keep the leg free.
painting and draping in surgery

» Image Intensifier :
The image intensifier is adjusted so that a clear view of the osteotomy site is provided.
image intensifier in osteotomy

» The Surgery :
The surgery is described in the procedure page.
osteotomy surgery

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