Dr. A.M.Rajani - Knee Surgeon and Shoulder Surgeon
Dr. A.M.Rajani - Knee Surgeon and Shoulder Surgeon
M.S Orth (Gold Medallist), D-Orth, MBBS
Knee and Shoulder Surgeon
(Arthroscopy & Joint Reconstruction)
Orthopaedic Arthroscopy Knee and Shoulder Clinic (OAKS) - arthroscopy surgeon

Primary Total Knee Replacement

Primary Total Knee Replacement means replacement of a joint for the first time. primary total knee replacement can be done by conventional method which has been performed for the last 40yrs or by newer techniques like computer navigated surgery which has been there since a decade.

With newer experiments, Robots have been used to conduct primary total knee replacement surgery but this is still in the nascent stage.

Primary total knee replacement can be for unilateral (single) knee or for bilateral (both) knees, depending upon the patient and his/her deformity.

Primary Total Knee Replacement
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